Outsourcing – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outsourcing?

This is when an organisation is seeking ( sourcing ) a certain service/task to be performed outside ( out ) its own structure. Ex: Scanning and archiving documents /Cleaning / Data entry/ etc.

There are many companies devoted to this activity – outsourcing.

What type of employment contracts are signed with Outsourcing companies?

All contracts allowed by general employment law: Open-ended and fixed term contracts.

Can an outsourcing company use temporary workers?

Yes, just as any other company can, providing that the respective reason/framework is governed by the Temporary Employment law.

Who instructs the outsourcing company’s workers?

As in other companies, it is the outsourcing company which is the employer, even if these workers are physically performing their tasks on the premises of their employer’s client. This situation is called “insourcing”

What are the main differences between Temporary Employment and Outsourcing?

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