How to Make a Successful Career Change

The days when people had a job for life are long gone. Most people nowadays frequently change jobs and sometimes even careers.

Whilst baby boomers, now over the age of fifty, valued job security and favoured the organic evolution of their careers, the younger generations above all enjoy opportunities to learn and the freedom to independently fast-track their own careers within a context of rapid change brought about by new technologies.

In either case, we know that there comes a time when we all need a change. Either because our current position is no longer challenging or because what we do has become tedious and unsatisfying in terms of career or employer recognition.

It’s not always easy to make this decision, particularly for those who have travelled a long way along a certain career path and who, because of their own lack of fulfilment or for reasons beyond their control such as company restructuring processes, are faced with the dilemma of embarking on a different career path.

It is generally difficult to discover a new career. Whilst in those cases where the company provides an outplacement programme the employee is supported by specialists who help him or her to define a “new life path”, in many cases the decision is wholly personal and can lead to anguish and frustration with heavy human costs.

In these cases, specialists recommend that we start with a process of personal reflexion which involves setting out your life story, preferably in writing, stating all the most gratifying duties and responsibilities and results achieved, as well as the tasks and responsibilities in which you felt the most comfortable and which are better suited to your personality. There should also be an honest and brave assessment of what you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses. For a more realistic view of yourself, ask people who know you, work with you and who can help you create a more appropriate self-portrait of your skills and attitudes.

Setting out a new career or choosing a new job depends, above all, on your self-knowledge and on what you feel to be your goals for success!

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